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What makes different from most Offline Dollar Stores & All Online Dollar Stores?


This is a question we get asked a lot and is both simplistic and complicated. Let's get the obvious differences out of the way first. is still the only exclusively Online One Dollar Store. At this time there are only a few stores that are even considered Online Dollar Stores, and they usually sell products for $5 and under. Yes, as far as concept, we're similar to one of the most popular Offline One Dollar Stores; however, selling Online is totally different from the traditional Dollar Store model, and even traditional Dollar Stores have consolidated so much there's very little competition as a whole. Recently there has been a lot of Online noise regarding a company that entered the Exclusively Online Dollar Store sector mostly selling products from $2 to $5, they might be a cool company but they are not anything like We actually welcome new Dollar Stores with open arms because America needs a lot more companies to create more jobs. We can't just have a few monopolies and hope that helps the American People's economic situation. Again let's be very clear, any new company making noise is not the Only Online Dollar Store or the First Online Dollar Store for that matter.

Besides all the obvious stuff, what we think differentiates us the most is the fact that we offer a limited selection including between 200 and 500 One Dollar Deals at a time usually for the best prices on the entire internet. At we focus on the keyword "Deals" we don't want to offer just anything as One Dollar Products we want to offer One Dollar Products for a deal. That being said we try to include as many Name Brand and licensed products as we can at a time. As a matter of fact so many of our offers are such a good deal our best customers by far are resellers that buy from us and resell Online and Offline. At first the fact that so many Resellers were buying from us bothered our Management; however, now we're a little more comfortable with it, and you can say we're embracing it. Offering the Best Deals on the entire internet was our goal from the very beginning and is still true today. So, we consider ourselves a Premium Exclusively Online One Dollar Store and with the Best Deals Online, not the most, the Best! Yes many people ask us almost daily how in the world can you make money selling quality merchandise for only $1.00 each, and the answer is still the same. It is very difficult but it works based on volume. We would like the public to support us because we support them. We sacrifice some profit to give quality $1.00 deals to the public in exchange for doing a higher volume of business with us. We even offer some products well below our cost from time to time to show our customers how much we appreciate them.

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  • William on

    How in the world do you offer free shipping on orders of $25 or more? I ordered and thought there was a catch, but it arrived and I was like I can’t even get this stuff for $25 with shipping added or locally even in the range of $25. Good stuff keep it up and yes would like more stuff.

  • Sue Beth Hanson on

    I love you guys, the best deals on the internet, however you need more stuff. I know you have a link to more deals, but I want more more more more,.If you want me to shop here instead of the local Dollar Store I need to get my fix daily!

  • Marco on

    You guys are a little full of yourselves! It’s a good thing you actually do have the best deals on the internet, because if not I could deliver quite a bit of hate your way. I would like to see more selection because it seems like products dry up pretty fast. I was trying to buy some markers the other day put 6 in my cart then came back an hour later and you only had 2 left. Pick it up!

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