The Entertainers (DVD) -

The Entertainers (DVD)

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"Todd and his chimpanzee sidekick, Archie, are a struggling comedic team determined to make it big. In a final attempt to prove that they are not washed-up, Todd and Archie set off for the bright lights of Vegas to try their luck. As Todd reunites with his one true love, Laura, who is now a singing star at one of the casinos, stardom is within reach. But, true to Vegas, the odds turn against them and fate steps in with a real showstopper. Todd learns that success has a price, and he is forced to choose between friendship and stardom..."

  • DVD 
  • Starring: Bob Newhart, Linda Gray, Bubbles the Chimp

DVD includes:

  • DVD Features: English & French Languages
  • Runtime: 90 mins.
  • Rated: NR (Suitable for all family viewing) 
  • Genre: Romance/Comedy

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