Fanatic Perks Information - Amercia's Online $1 Store

What are Fanatic Perks on

Fanatic Perks are items that can be claimed 100% Free when you purchase at least $30 in $1.00 Deals on When your Shopping Cart has enough $1.00 Deals included and you press the CHECKOUT button you will notice that the Fanatic Perks item will be crossed out and say FREE in your Shopping Cart. Yes Fanatic Perks can be purchased for the price listed, but the point of Fanatic Perks is to be rewards for our LOYAL customers that spend at least $30 on our $1.00 priced Deals.

Fanatic Perks Redemption Guidelines:

  1. Only 1 Fanatic Perks item can be redeemed per order.
  2. Clearance items priced at under $1.00 can not be used toward the $30 total needed to redeem Fanatic Perks.
  3. If you add more than 1 Fanatic Perks item to your Shopping Cart with the proper amount of $1.00 Deals, you will be charged for 1 of the Fanatic Perks item and 1 will be Free. Again only 1 FREE Fanatic Perks item per order.
  4. If you're trying to spend $50 to receive Free Shipping, please note the Fanatic Perks item will end up being FREE so your Shopping Cart will need to be high enough to total $50 not including the price of the Fanatic Perks item.
  5. Fanatic Perks don't require any Membership, anyone that orders on can redeem Fanatic Perks by going through the process.

Also Note: Special Purchase items can be included when redeeming Fanatic Perks!