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Are you an Online Seller or would you like to be an Online Seller? If you answered yes to either question, our Online Seller Program could be for you. We created this Online Seller Program for two reasons. First, due to the fact we purchase in Bulk by either Pallet or Truckload to keep our prices at a point we can operate an Online One Dollar Store, we usually acquire some very good products that can't be sold at the $1.00 price point. So we needed an avenue to sell the products we can't sell on America's First & Only Exclusively Online One Dollar Store because the products cost are too high or because of size or weight restraints. Second even though we could sell these ourselves on sites like Amazon and eBay, which we did do for a while, it was too much work for our employees to do one by one fulfillment to go along with the hectic pace of daily work at a Dollar Store, nonetheless an Online Dollar Store which is even more hectic than a traditional Dollar Store. Once we started to see some delay's with our regular fulfillment, we immedately said this is absolutely unacceptable, and with the high volume of products coming in we really didn't want to hire additional staff to sell on other people's sites. So originally we created a Private Online Seller Program offering our excess inventory that didn't fit the needs as $1.00 items. After perfecting the Online Seller Program to our satisfaction we're opening it up for more people.

Let us be very clear, this program is about you making profit, we 100% understand if the sellers don't make money they don't keep buying. We've taken the guess work out of this and make all of our packages very profitable, and you don't have to sell everything to start seeing profits. We even have small sample packs so you try it out before you jump in headfirst. So now we have our very profitable Online Seller Program open to anyone on a First Come, First Serve basis. This program is created purely based on making packages that spread the wealth around, without saturating the market. When a package is created it is vetted, so we make sure if you list these items on eBay and Amazon you will make profits. It's important to note that selling on eBay and Amazon is very different nowadays, eBay is pretty much wide open so you can sell what you want for the most part, you just have to do the work of adding images etc. As far as Amazon they have become extremely restrictive so they may prevent you from selling some products on their website if you haven't received approval up front. We would advise Amazon sellers to at least have an alternative route to sell products like eBay, Craigslist, etc., for products that you are not allowed to sell on Amazon.

We have to be honest, we're not interested in the same old, same old thought process that prevents people from making money time and time again. We do not drop ship and don't believe in most cases that is a valid method to sell on a website like eBay or Amazon; however, it may be a valid method to sell on your own website if you have a specific niche. We also only sell assortment prices at super low DELIVERED prices, yes all packages include Free Shipping including our Sample pack. All packages are made for you to make PROFIT, not win a beauty contest, or act like you are the big person on campus, just to make money selling online!

Ok, are you ready to check out some product? Click Below to purchase or for more details. If you need more questions answered, you can either use Contact Us Form or you can call our Sales Dept. at 217-247-5041 Ext. 2#, again that's the number 2 followed by the # sign.

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