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NOTICE: All Slots in our Online Seller Program are currently filled. You are welcome to use our Contact Form to be notified when we have an opening available. Also if you're interested in seeing what Wholesale offers we currently have available you can check out our Wholesale section.

Are you an Online Amazon Marketplace Seller using FBA or are you an Online Amazon Marketplace seller that wants to start using FBA? If you answered yes to either question, our Online Seller Program could be for you. Due to the fact we own & operate America's First & Only Exclusively Online $1 Store, we usually purchase in Bulk either by the Pallet or by the Truckload. We usually acquire many very good products that can't be sold at our target $1.00 price point. After a while we realized we needed a consistent avenue to sell the products we can't sell on America's First & Only Exclusively Online $1 Store. We originally created a Private Online Seller Program with the option of full or partial benefits, later we decided we can't take the risk of our buyers not understanding or not being able to make a good profit margin. After perfecting the Online Seller Program to our satisfaction, we're opening up our FULL SERVICE Online Seller Program.

Let us be very clear, this program is not only about us moving the product we need to get our investment back on, it's about you making profit! We 100% understand if the sellers don't make money, they don't keep buying. So we've taken most of the risk and the guess work out of this to make our program very profitable, and you don't have to sell everything to start seeing profits. We've opened up our very profitable FULL SERVICE Online Seller Program to anyone on a First Come, First Serve basis. Don't get us wrong we get lots of product that can be used for this Online Seller Program; however, we reserve the right to stop this program at anytime for any reason with focus being on when we feel like we have enough sellers. Everyone doesn't want or need to sell the same things, so this program is created purely based on making packages that spread the wealth around without over saturating the market. When a package is created, it is vetted. We make sure when we list items on  Amazon for you, the objective is to maximize profits. Products usually range from $7.95 to $99.95, because going below that amount isn't really worth the time or effort due to Amazon fees. It's also important to note that selling on Amazon is very different nowadays. Amazon has become extremely restrictive so they may prevent you from selling some products on their website if you haven't received approval up front on an Account to Account basis. With our program you don't have to worry about that, because we will ship only products we/re able to list on your Amazon Account.

Because of our experience we're not even slightly interested in the same old, same old, thought process that prevents people from making money time and time again. Also, we're NOT a Drop Shipper, and we don't believe in most cases Drop Shipping is a valid profitable method to sell on a website like Amazon; however, it may be a valid method to sell on your own website if you have a specific niche. Using the Amazon User Permissions system, we'll ship directly to Amazon FBA warehouses from our DF Distributor's Warehouse. The process usually takes up to 6 weeks ($3,334 in FBA value per week) for mature established accounts, or up to 10 weeks ($2,000 in FBA value per week) for newer accounts, because we have to go through our currently available inventory 1 by 1 to figure out what can be shipped to your particular account.

VERY IMPORTANT: Our Full Service Online Seller Program includes Full Exchange Privileges. Basically before your products come up for Long Term Storage Fees, you can have unsold products that you don't want to keep in the FBA warehouses sent back to us for exchange. You will receive 1 exchange for each order you have placed with us. Restocking is done by your request or by our invitation. We only provide this service to our Online Seller Program members.

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