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Important Legal Notice: Yes we're an existing business in the Dollar Store Industry, however we are NOT offering to sell you a Franchise or any type of partnership in our business/company. We are offering wholesale products and information for you to run and operate your own Dollar Store business as you see fit.

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 Do you want to open a One Dollar Store but don't have $60,000 to $100,000 in order to get started? Because we're actually in the Dollar Store business online, and not worried about offline competition, we started a program to help offline Dollar Store businesses get started on a tight budget. So what we do is different from other is we actually sell you the starting inventory and then give you instructions on doing the rest of the work yourself. We also give you a dedicated email address for advice/consultations which is actually answered by the Founders of Dollar Fanatic LLC. and can be considered extremely valuable to talk to people that are doers, not just talkers.

You are just getting started and have a limited budget to start your One Dollar Store or add a One Dollar Department to an existing business, so why pay us or anyone else several thousand to do what you can do yourself with a little guidance? This is the only way you can have your store or department off the ground for less than $60,000 to $100,000 as a small independent with the ability to grow over time exactly the way you want. This package is meant for One Dollar Stores; however we tested and are aware there's a trend of Dollar Stores offering products from $1 to $3 instead of just $1. Please keep in mind, we are providing information and products based on our experience, so while we are experts at the $1 Store concept; we aren't experts at the $1 to $3 concept that is becoming popular due to higher margins.

    Here are the benefits of our offer:

    • You have the option to start off with 10,000, 20,000, or 30,000 pieces of inventory which includes 12 to 120 of each product depending on the size of your package. Package size is recommended for store sizes 10,000 pieces (300 - 400) Sq. ft., 20,000 pieces (500 - 700) Sq. ft., or 30,000 pieces (800 - 1000) Sq. ft., including items like we sell online and items we can't sell online because they are heavy, liquid, etc.
    • We provide you with important information needed like wholesale suppliers, store display rack distributors, promotional companies, etc., etc.
    • We will provide you with a dedicated email address that is exclusively for our customers that have purchased one of our Dollar Store Starter Packages. This email is answered by the Founders of Dollar Fanatic LLC., so they know what they're talking about and their time is very valuable.

    BONUS: To go along with all the FREE information we provide we're offering a one time Exchange Program. Basically after you have opened your store within 90 days of your Dollar Store Starter Package purchase, but no more than 120 days after your Dollar Store Starter Package purchase, you have the option to return up to 500 pieces per 10,000 items ordered for Exchange for different products with this package. This is to help you with products that don't sell in your area. Please Note: We're not interested in opinions just facts. This Exchange Program is for products that don't sell, NOT products you don't think will sell so you decide not to offer them to your customers. We've learned over the years there is only one real way to find out what sells and that is trial and error, which we have done over and over again. Yes just about anything sells for $1.00, but just in case, we have this Exchange Program in place to give a little help.

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