Order Instructions - Online Seller Program

Important Note: You must have an Amazon account to participate in this Online Seller Program. If you don't have FBA active that's fine; however, you'll need to make sure you're subscribed to start using it. 

Program Features:

  • We will ship at least a total of $20,000 worth of products based on the prices listed on Amazon for each $6,000 you order. Example if we send in a product we list for you on Amazon for $10.00 your cost will be $3.00.
  • We'll handle all uploading and labeling of products and will ship it to Amazon using your FBA account. FBA has extremely discounted shipping cost, and also our warehouse is very close to their main FBA Warehouses, which can be an additional bonus to using our service.
  • You'll have the option prior to Amazon charging Long Term Storage to send back products that didn't sell for Exchange. We'll grant an exchange for every order you place over the coarse of your relationship with our Online Seller Program. Yes this eliminates most of your risk.
  • We can either start or optimize your Amazon Sponsored Ads to increase your sales of the products we send into Amazon for you, and the products you currently have or will have in the Amazon warehouses.
  • You can restock at any time by contacting us by email. Restock order packages can be purchased for $600 to $1800 at a time, at a maximum rate of once per week.

Order Instructions: Please send a Bank/Certified Check by a Signature Required Method to:

Dollar Fanatic LLC
Attn: Online Seller Program
305 S State St
Box 19
Ridge Farm, IL 61870

Important Notice: Due to the amount of the transaction we can no longer accept PayPal or Credit Card as a payment method for membership into our Online Seller Program.