Online Seller Wholesale Department

We have two ways for you to buy in Bulk and/or Wholesale here on


First: We have Wholesale Liquidation Sale bundles that are absolutely loaded with a great assortment of products which are great for Dollar Stores, Flea Market Vendors, Event Fundraisers, Prizes, etc. You only pay a very small fraction of the retail prices, and we now also have Sample Bundles so you can test out a small batch and see how you like it. Click Here for Details!


Second: We have Volume Pricing Discounts on products listed in our Volume Pricing section. Any product in that section can be purchased for up to 75% Off as long as we have the inventory available in real-time. For Example: An item that is priced at $9.99 each if you buy 1 of them, can be purchased for $2.50 each if you buy 30 of them, and you still receive Free Shipping on Everything! Click Here for Details!


Basically, if you're a Show Vendor, Dollar Store, Flea Market Vendor, Fundraiser host, or Online Seller? You may want to check out these offers. No more surprises, the prices you see is the delivered price, so you can calculate your true cost.