Wholesale Liquidation Sale

We have 2 ways to purchase Wholesale from Dollar Fanatic LLC.

1. You can sign up for our Online Seller Program if you're an existing or new Amazon FBA Seller. Which is a Full Service program that uses our warehouse to pick and send products directly to your Amazon FBA Account. Click the Online Seller Program link for more details.

2. You can also buy Wholesale at our 5to99.com Daily Deals Outlet Store by using the Make an Offer feature. Yes any item we have quantity on you can use the Make an Offer feature and we will consider it. Just make sure you put the price you're willing to pay and the quantity you want for that price. We will either accept your offer or we will counter-offer. This gives you the BEST chance to get the Wholesale Price you're willing to pay. Everything ships FREE regardless of your order size. For more details Click Here.