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Freedom from Busyness: Biblical Help for Overloaded People (2 Audio CDs with Book) only $1.00 at America's First & Only Exclusively Online One Dollar Store.
LifeWay Press

Freedom from Busyness: Biblical Help for Overloaded People (2 Audio CDs with Book)

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Too much activity, too much hurry, too many responsibilities? Too Little God?

If you've ever wanted to invest energy in your relationships instead of feeling tied down by endless jobs and to - do lists, then this book will help you get free to focus on what's most important.

Really busy? Listen to the included audio version of this book during drive-time, devotion time, or review time.

Make a plan to achieve freedom from busyness. Find the satisfaction that comes from making better choices. Get biblical help with warmth and wit from author Michael Zigarelli and find Freedom from Busyness.

Internationally known as an expert in management and ethics, Michael Zigarelli is the Dean of the Regent University School of Business. He is the founding editor of Regent Business Review, an online magazine for Christian leaders and managers. He has been interviewed by The New York Times, Time Magazine and The Washington Post. He lives in Virginia with his wife Tara and their four children.

Audio CD Tracks (Disc One) Days 1-10
1. Preface & An Epidemic Among Christians
2. Too Busy for God
3. Too Busy for Your Marriage
4. Too Busy to Care About Others
5. Lend a hand During This Study
6. The Bible on Saying No
7. Give Yourself Permission to Say No
8. Say No to Perfectionism
9. Say No to Your Kids
10. Say No to TV

Audio CD Tracks (Disc Two) Days 11-20
1. Fast is the Enemy of Love
2. God Wants You to Rest
3. Minimize Multitasking and Live in the Moment
4. Refram Your Prayer Life
5. An E-mail is Not Enough
6. A Simpler Life, Part One
7. A Simpler Life, Part Two
8. Obstacle: Overspending
9. Obstacle: Overwork
10. Reorder Your Life Around God

ISBN: 1415825815
Binding: Book/CD-Rom
Pages: 110
Publisher: LifeWay Press

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