Bronze Package - Online Seller Program - $600 Amazon FBA Product Bundle 20% to 80% Off at America's Online Dollar Store

Bronze Package - Online Seller Program - $600 Amazon FBA Product Bundle

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Sorry at this time we're not accepting new Online Seller Program memberships. You can use our contact form to request to be notified when/if more memberships become available.

Important: Our Bronze Package is great for someone just starting out or complimenting an existing FBA business and wants to be cautious before making a larger commitment to Amazon FBA. This package is also good as a Restocking package for our existing Online Seller Program Members. You will receive $2000 in Amazon FBA value for $600. Key Point: Our service is amazing because of this sometimes overlooked fact! You are paying for inventory, NOT our services. We actually give you our services for free as part of your Membership in our Online Seller Program. If you don't have Amazon FBA active that's fine; however, you'll need to make sure you're subscribed to start using our service.

Program Features:

  • We will ship at least a total of $2,000 worth of products based on the prices listed on Amazon for each $600 you order. Example if we send in a product we list for you on Amazon for $10.00 your cost will be $3.00, if we send a product we list for you on Amazon for $50 your cost will be $15.00, etc. The products we list are usually listed between $7.95 and $99.95 each, because products below that amount are usually not profitable on Amazon. Also it's best if you keep the prices we list them at, however it's your product you can price it the way you want. Warning: In our experience it's best to stay away from any type of automated/AI pricing software, they tend to do one thing well, which is lose you money.
  • We'll handle all uploading and labeling of products and will ship it to Amazon using your FBA account. FBA has extremely discounted shipping cost, and also our warehouse is very close to their main FBA Warehouses, which can be an additional bonus to using our service.
  • It will take approximately 2 to 3 weeks per $600 order after we receive permissions from your FBA Account to complete the process which includes you receiving a complete manifest of all products that were labeled and shipped to the Amazon FBA warehouses.
  • Yes when you're talking about Business there is always some risk; however, the way we provide our service we try to eliminate as much risk as possible. We give you a very good profit margin so that you can easily make a return on your investment, plus keep in mind you're the new owner of the products we send into Amazon for you, so you can remove what doesn't sell and put them on eBay. This is one of the reasons we decided to offer this program Exclusively on eBay from now on, because it's best if you have an additional outlet to move product just in case it doesn't sell on Amazon. Unfortunately some products will move slower on certain accounts because of all of the possible restrictions and the age of your account.
  • All Sales are Final; HOWEVER, if a product we ship to Amazon FBA for you gets banned or restricted you can return that product to our warehouse for us to send in replacement products of equal value. We absolutely understand there are 2 sides to every coin, and if you don't make money, you will not order more. Basically we're trying to be on the same team!
  • As a bonus, we can either start or optimize your Amazon Sponsored Ads to increase your sales of the products we send into Amazon for you, and the products you currently have or will have in the Amazon warehouses.
  • We limit this to a maximum of 2 packages at a time, and you can't purchase another package until your previous order has been completed and you received a manifest. You can purchase Restock packages at a maximum rate of once every 2 weeks AFTER your previous order has been processed and you received a manifest.

Who should buy this package? If you want to build a new or existing Amazon FBA business and understand it takes time. We provide a valuable time saving service, however we're not miracle workers, or get rich quick promoters. It takes time, and work to make it with Amazon FBA, whether it is us doing most of the work, or you doing most of the work.

Who shouldn't buy this package? If you don't have relatively thick skin or are very impatient, Amazon FBA is probably not for you. Amazon can be profitable once you figure it out, however it can also be nerve wracking to say the least. Our goal is to help you make money and in return have you as a regular buying customer. However we have absolutely no control over Amazon and their massive amount of restrictions.

What to do after the Sale: After you have sent your payment to Dollar Fanatic LLC and it has been processed we will send you an email with instructions on how to provide us the user permissions we need to start the process.

IMPORTANT: By purchasing this package you're acknowledging we will ship the products directly to your FBA Account at Amazon warehouses and not to your physical location. Again, the process can take up to 2 to 3 weeks per $600 package you purchase.