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Ultimate Workout - Mind Body Spirit (3-Music CDs & Yoga DVD Gift Box Set)

$5.00 $29.99

Work The Body, Free The Spirit, Feel The Energy.

Ultimate Workout will condition both body and soul. Three music CDs filled with music to motivate you, and the Stretch Into Yoga DVD featuring 3 unique Yoga workouts. The benefits of good health will be your reward!

The Music:

  1. Yoga Stretching
  2. High Impact Workout
  3. Pump It Up!

DVD Video:

Stretch Into Yoga

  • As seen on TV, Caribbean Workout presents Stretch Into Yoga, shot on the beautiful island of Barbados, you will learn the basic Yoga postures and breathing techniques through a series of 3 challenging and energizing workouts.

UPC: 779836746429

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