Wholesale Online Seller Package - 150 Assorted General Merchandise for eBay Marketplace Sellers
Wholesale Online Seller Package - 150 Assorted General Merchandise for eBay Marketplace Sellers

Wholesale Online Seller Package - 150 Assorted General Merchandise for eBay Marketplace Sellers

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Large Gold Package for eBay Sellers

Other size packages are available in our Wholesale Liquidation Sale section.

This package is geared toward eBay Marketplace Sellers.

This Online Seller Package has a good mix of quality General Merchandise. Each box contains 150 items, with approximately 1 to 4 of each item.  This package consist of a combination of new General Merchandise from master cases or shelf pulls that based on our research/experience will profitably sell on the eBay Marketplace. 

The formula we use to make sure these assortments are profitable for most eBay Marketplace sellers is based on an approximate $1500 to $1800 in total revenue when all items are sold with Shipping included. If you do the work you can make a very good profit with these assortments.

Important: Again these packages are optimized for eBay Marketplace at reasonable prices. You have total control over what you price individual items for; however, we suggest that you don't just add these products to eBay for ridiculously low prices because that just makes sure everyone loses including most importantly yourself. It's best to save extreme price reductions for items that don't sell well for you after a certain amount of time that you decide.

Online Seller Package Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is this Online Seller Package the same or similar to the Dollar Fanatic Online Seller Program that you've offered 5 to 7 years ago?
Answer: NO! Our Online Seller Program was geared exclusively towards Amazon FBA Sellers. Due to all of the current restrictions. obstacles, and other time-consuming issues when selling using Amazon FBA we have decided to freeze that program and offer this Online Seller Package as an alternative to non-Amazon FBA Sellers/eBay Sellers. Important Note: We absolutely DO NOT recommend using this package for selling on Amazon FBA, we're familiar with some Facebook Marketplace Sellers doing well, however we recommend you stick to eBay Marketplace for the most part.

Question: How do I know that I will make an acceptable profit margin when selling the products included in your Online Seller Packages?
Answer: Of course no one can make guarantees because you actually need to do the work. This is not a get rich quick offer, this is a --you do the work, and you should make a good profit margin package--. Also we know if you don't make good profits, you will not continue to make orders. Basically you're using our Bulk Buying to benefit you selling on eBay Marketplace with potentially very good profits while making a small investment with very little risk even though these are All Sales Final.

Question: What if I don't like some of the products included in this Online Seller Package?
Answer: These packages are made by our warehouse using a criteria we've established for selling on eBay Marketplace, so we can't allow customers to pick the products and sell at this extremely low price point. HOWEVER, once you become a customer and start selling these products you can use the Comments Section when you're checking out to tell our warehouse which products you DON'T want included in your next package(s). Example if you're selling and you decide for whatever reason you don't need anymore of certain LED Lights, Gift Sets, Tools, Toys, Apparel, etc.,  just say in the comments, please DON'T include the following products in my next package. The warehouse will adjust your package within reason when possible.

Question: What if I want more of an item that I previously have received and would like to sell more.
Answer: Sorry we can't allow customers to pick what items they want to sell, we have a formula to give you these products at very profitable prices so the only customizing we can allow is for you to ask to NOT receive certain products. You are welcome to mention in the Comments Section when you're checking out "if possible I would like this specific item", however we make absolutely no guarantees the warehouse will act on your request.

Question: How much is Shipping and Handling.
Answer: Whether you're new to Online selling or a veteran you know the cost of Shipping and Handling is no joke and when buying for resell it can ruin your profit margins. We include Free Basic Shipping on everything, so you don't have to guess what your final cost per item is, and you can feel comfortable buying without surprises. This might be the biggest reason you should at least try out our Online Seller Package(s).

Final Note: Basically, we want you to make as much profit as possiblehowever, there is two sides to every coin, we're using these packages to help control our inventory. These are not profitable to us in a traditional sensehowever, essential to us to keep our cash flow and inventory under control.