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Updated 6/12/2017:

Dollar Fanatic LLC is mostly known for creating America's First & Only Exclusively Online $1 Store which was later re-branded as is also owned & operated by Dollar Fanatic LLC., which has a large main headquarters in a small town called Ridge Farm, Illinois.

After doing business for a few years as the First and originally Only exclusively Online Dollar Store we've learned quite a few things from our customers. First it seems as though the most important issue outside of having really good prices is Shipping and Handling. To be honest we've fought internally for years about this issue. Fact is our company and most companies doing business online take a pounding on Shipping and Handling, which of course doesn't matter to customers because that is not their problem. To make a long story short we set out on a journey to figure out how we can offer the BEST prices online with the best Shipping and Handling rates.

We decided to change our company direction to reflect all the input we received over the years and have come up with the BEST Delivered to your door prices on the web. Our Online One Dollar Store and our Wholesale Division is now completely separate from However, we still offer our $5 to $25 Fanatic Offers with Low Cost or Free Shipping & Handling and we still offer our Online Seller Program here on We know some customers want their orders quickly while maintaining a Great Delivered Price, so we cut our Expedited Shipping and Handling rates by at least half. Basically we also cover most of the cost of Expedited Shipping and Handling as a thank you to our customers for being Loyal! If you shop with us we want you to know we are listening and we appreciate your business.

For your convenience with added safety we know accept both PayPal payments and Amazon Pay. As far as PayPal you don't need to have a PayPal account to use PayPal, and yes you can use your Credit Card or Debit Card when checking out using PayPal. As far as Amazon Pay you can use it with the same comfort you would normally use it on Amazon.

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