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DollarFanatic.com is owned & operated by Dollar Fanatic LLC., an Indiana and Illinois company with it's large main headquarters in a small town called Ridge Farm, Illinois. Mailing Address: PO Box 19, Ridge Farm IL, 61870.

DollarFanatic.com is mostly known for doing business for a few years as the First and originally Only exclusively Online Dollar Store. Eventually branching out into a few Niche e-commerce websites. Basically our company is something like the combination of a Traditional Dollar Store, an Outlet Store, and a Daily Deals website. With products mostly ranging from $.25 to $10.00 we're considered Premium Retail Discounters/Liquidators offering what we consider pound for pound the best delivered prices on a wide range of discounted products on the internet. At least 75% of the products offered on our website(s) are 20% to 80% Off the approximate Original Retail Price. We only charge a flat $4.95 Shipping & Handling fee for your Entire Order, or Free Shipping on Orders of $50 or more. We also offer an Expedited Shipping & Handling option which is only $9.95 for your Entire Order. Our goal is to offer the best possible deals we can which requires us to cover some or all of our Shipping & Handling cost.

Don't fall asleep many of the products available on our website(s) are available for a limited time, While Supplies Last. Some products may be restocked at some point, however some deals may never be seen again.


Important Notice: We at Dollar Fanatic LLC have decided to re-combine all of our internet properties including 11for10.com, 5to99.com, and USAPantry.com back into DollarFanatic.com. Our local retail store(s) 11 for $10 are managed separately but are still Owned and Operated by our company, however as we research the Franchise model, that would change some future locations management structure.

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