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DollarFanatic.com is owned & operated by Dollar Fanatic LLC

Dollar Fanatic LLC has been doing business online for over 10 years. When we started we were the First and Only Exclusively Online Dollar Store; however, over the years we've seen other Online Dollar Stores come and go. As you can imagine, it's hard to maintain an Online Dollar Store with all the issues we must deal with that Offline Dollar Stores don't have to deal with. Especially considering most of the products we offer are Discounted with Free Shipping on Everything. At this time, we are still considered America's Only Exclusively Online Dollar Store Outlet but with a few twist. We're like a combination of a Traditional Dollar Store, a Discount Outlet Liquidator, and a Personal Shopper Convenience Store. To be more specific, this is how we see it in detail.

Traditional Dollar Store: Currently many of the products we offer on Dollar Fanatic aka DollarFanatic.com are priced at under $10 each with Free Shipping on Everything. 

Discount Outlet Liquidator: We offer 500 to 2000 different products at a time priced up to 75% Off Retail (While Supplies Last). These products are usually purchased by the Pallet or Truckloads from Major Retailers/Brands, etc., including Closeouts, Overstocks, Shelf Pulls, Business Closing Liquidations, etc. and are offered at highly discounted prices. Please Note: We do not carry used products from Pallets or Truckloads.

Personal Shopper Convenience Store: Some of the products we carry are a result of our customers filling out our Product Request Form, requesting products as a convenience that we wouldn't normally carry as part of our catalog for various reasons. If we can acquire the requested product and sell it for a reasonable price with Free Shipping, we'll try to carry the product requested based on a customer's needs. Please Note: Sometimes the products that are requested will be sold higher than our other offerings because they are usually not purchased in bulk, and the additional shipping, handling, and procurement is taken into account.



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