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Set the Mood Cozy Hearth (DVD) The Perfect Fireplace

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"Turn your TV screen into the perfect backdrop fireplace! Bring the perfect fireplace into your home this DVD, featuring a radiant, wood fire that will bring a joyful glow to any setting. Choose from two sound options: the snap 'n crackle sounds of a slow-burning wood fire or captivating symphonic music, including selections from the holiday favorite, The Nutcracker. Enjoy a bonus DVD of wintry, snow-covered scenery, including beautiful images of winter wildlife - deer, polar bears, seals - in its natural setting. An ideal way to create a festive background for entertaining guests or sitting down to dinner with the family-essential holiday viewing."

  • Set the Mood DVD

DVD includes:

  • DVD Features:  2 Sound Options - Cracklin' fire and Symphonic music; Bonus DVD of Winter Wonderland scenes; English, Spanish & French Language options
  • Runtime: 91 mins.
  • Rated: NR 
  • Genre: Music

UPC: 779836208590